A great place to start getting involved is simply by signing the Texas Parental Choice Petition. Click the button below to sign the petition yourself, then share the easy-to-remember website ( with your friends!



Once you’ve signed the petition, take some time to learn about the issue. The fact is, parental choice is one of the most successful policy ideas in United States history, currently in place in over 30 states! Not only that, its popularity is hard to match. Parental choice supported by vast majorities of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats – how many issues can that be said of? For these reasons and many more, we know that allowing children to learn where they learn best isn’t just the right thing to do – it has a track record of success. Click below to learn more!


An effort as significant as bringing education freedom to millions of Texas children doesn’t happen overnight, and not without the support of hard-working people who believe in the issue more than personal gain. We run a very lean operation as a Texas nonprofit with 501(c)4 status pending, and appreciate every dollar that our supporters give us. A dollar invested in this issue doesn’t just support our organization – it invests in the future of millions of Texas children, both born and unborn, who deserve to freedom to learn where they learn best.