North Texas School District Promotes LGBT Group Offering ‘Queer Sex Ed’ Lessons

“We intend to teach queer youth sex ed and give them the tools to go out into the world and educate others and advocate for themselves.”

As school districts across the state come under fire for indoctrinating students with transgender theory and divisive racial policies, Lewisville Independent School District, located near Dallas, is promoting “Queer Sex Ed” to children.

Last week Libs of TikTok—a Twitter account that routinely exposes the sexualization and indoctrination of children—shared screenshots from Lewisville ISD’s Counseling Services page, which included links to LGBT organizations PFLAG and Youth First Texas.

Although the school district removed direct links to these sites, they still list both organizations as resources for “LGBTQ” students.

Youth First Texas, an offshoot of Resource Center Dallas, is “one of the only LGBTQIA+-focused programs in North Texas that addresses the challenges LGBTQIA+ teens face at home, school and in the community.” The group offers a weekly Queer Identity Night where children ages 12 to 18 meet with “transgender adult mentors.”

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