Texas Board Of Education Pauses Plan To Wokify Public School History Instruction

Before its pivot, the state Board of Education was looking at a massive overhaul that would have changed how young Texans learn social studies.

The Texas State Board of Education voted 7 to 2 on Tuesday to table until 2025 what critics have warned would have been a woke overhaul of the Lone Star State’s social studies standards.

Working groups, made up of Texans selected from a pool of volunteers by the Texas Education Agency and tasked with developing the first major rewrite of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) social studies standards in decades, released draft proposals earlier this summer, some of which prioritized “inclusivity” over keeping fundamental American principles and founding documents at the forefront of learning.

Major backlash from Texans about these recommendations prompted the state Board of Education to announce a different plan. Now, the only social studies tweaking the board plans to do in the coming weeks will be on the mandatory civics and media literacy guidelines, including “identifying propaganda” outlined in the legislature’s recently passed Senate Bill 3.

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